AMSTEL HouseBoats

rooms on board of a houseboat in the centre of Amsterdam


We want you to feel welcome from the very first start of the trip. This means we can put stuff in your Studio to make it as comfortable as possible. You can think of drinks; to be filled out on a digital form send to you before arrival.

Or other items such as rental bikes. So you can cycle around town from the getgo. We can boat you around the canals or along the Amstel. Or you can take out the swan pedal boat  to explore for yourself. You can even do some exercise on our Water Skippers or SUP on the Amstel.

It is advisable to book these in advance due to vacancy issues.You can do so by filling out the form in mentioned form.


There is a giant firepit (Ofyr) outside where you can do some BBQ’ing. We’ll provide the wood and you put the desired food on the ring. Warm and Cosy.


This is the ultimate refresher on hot days. We have a little step to get out of the water. Since it is a river it is not too dirty. And you can take a shower right after you get out of the water.


On the back dock there is a lime green hot-tub. You need to make a wooden fire to heat it up yourself.

It takes some preparation but it will create a memory for a lifetime.

Happy Camping!