AMSTEL HouseBoats

rooms on board of a houseboat in the centre of Amsterdam

TV (art mode)

This 55" Samsung The Frame TV is a piece of art on the wall. The frame itself looks like a painting. You can choose your own. It will be on when not when you're not watching TV. With the power button in the upper left corner of the remote control you can switch between television and your piece of art. We tried to find harmony by making the frame with the kitchen.

Since it's Smart TV can also use the internet on it. You can watch television by navigating to the KPN app. (If it doesn't work immediately please switch on the little black box in the Geneva)


In the Geneva XXL there is a black box. This is the tv decoder and should be switched on.

There is a small white remote for the TV. By pressing the top left button you can switch from Art-mode to tv.
Navigate to KPN to watch TV. Or browse through apps in the menu.