little AMSTEL HouseBoat

rooms on board of a houseboat in the centre of Amsterdam


The space is equipped with a large (dining) table that fits 8 persons. Above the table hangs a large flat screen  for presentations or movies. A beamer and a flipboard are available upon request at a surcharge.

A great sound system will set the right mood. The wooden fireplace will cater cosy afternoon drinks in the winter time. In the summer one can exit on the the deck and have the drinks there in the sunshine or under a huge sunshade.

Lunch is available (catered; € 30 pp) and there are several arrangements; morning and afternoon (€ 15 pp). The day can be topped of (or started) with a skippered boat tour. As well as bicycle arrangements for city tours.

The price of the meeting room is € 400 per day part; morning (9:00-13:00) or afternoon (13:00-17:00). Or € 700 for a full day. All prices are excl. local VAT.

A reservation form can be send upon request. Reservations are final after payment in full and after receiving a confirmation email.