AMSTEL HouseBoats

rooms on board of a houseboat in the centre of Amsterdam


next to the AMSTEL is located in the Singelgracht. Literally next to the prestigious Amstel Hotel.

The location is not on the Amstel itself, but you can see it (very) well. Added bonus is that this is the good side of the Amstel for the sun.
It is on the other side of the (Toronto) bridge coming from little AMSTEL. Towards the side of the Amstel hotel.

The houseboat is easy to reach. Because of the central location, the top attractions are always close by. All the way on the bike.

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by train - Getting to next to AMSTEL

Most connections in the Netherlands go to Amsterdam Central. Then take the metro to the Weesperplein stop. From here it is about a 5 minute walk to the houseboat. "

You can also choose to exit at Amsterdam Amstel. Then take the metro to the Wibautstraat stop. From here it is about 5 minutes walk to the houseboat.

by Uber/taxi - Getting to next to AMSTEL

Taxis are waiting for Amsterdam Central and Amstel.

You can order an Uber via the app.

Tell the driver to drop you off next to the Toronto Bridge at cafe AmstelHaven.

by car - Getting to next to AMSTEL

Parking on the street next to the houseboat costs about € 4 per hour. This comes down to € 56/24 hours. There is a parking spot in front of the door. (but we cannot guarantee this).

We can also offer you a parking space in our garage. This costs € 40 per day (part). So you do not have to find a spot and the car is safe.

Send us an email in advance to reserve the parking space.

We are located next to the Torontobridge at cafe AmstelHaven.

by foot - Getting to next to AMSTEL

From metro stop Weesperplein (lines 51,53,54):
Get off at the Weesperplein metro station (3rd stop) and take the Mauritskade exit.

When you approach the first intersection, take a left. The houseboat is now on your right behind a black fence. When you pass cafe AmstelHaven and see the Amstel Hotel you are too far.


From tram stop Stadhouderskade (line 4):
Get off at Stadhouderskade (7th stop).

Turn left at the traffic lights. Walk along the Stadhouderskade. Stay on this side of the road (the Amstel Hotel is now on your left hand side on the other side of the river).

Cross the bridge (and Amstel), then you will see cafe AmstelHaven on the left. A little further you see the ark and you can enter it after a gate.