little AMSTEL HouseBoat

rooms on board of a houseboat in the centre of Amsterdam


Houseboat little AMSTEL is situated on the Amstel River, just across the prestigious Amstel Hotel, right in the heart of Amsterdam. Getting to the houseboat is very easy and its convenient location makes that all of Amsterdam’s finest attractions and sights are within striking distance. 

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by train - Getting to the houseboat

The train ride from the Schiphol airport to Amsterdam central station takes around 20 minutes. From there you can take any metro line to stop Weesperplein. From this point it's a 10 minute walk to the houseboat. 

by taxi - Getting to the houseboat

In front of the entrance of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and also in front the entrance of Amsterdam Central Station there is a taxi rank. Ask the driver how much he expects the fare to cost. From the airport it has to be around €40 and from Central station around €15. At a taxi rank you do not have to take the first taxi waiting. Choose the one you prefer.

Tell you taxi/Uber driver to drop you next to the Torontobridge across of Amsteldijk 9 (SatNav has a hard time finding number 700)

by car - Getting to the houseboat

We recommend public transport over driving in Amsterdam, but if you do decide to travel by car it is possible to park for a low amount (around €13 per day) at one of the outskirts of Amsterdam. 

To park in the streets nearby the houseboat will cost you around the €4,- per hour, so it will safe you a lot of money if you choose for one of the outskirts. 

If would like to now where the outskirts to park are, search for "P+R parking amsterdam" in google. 

If you would like to now how to travel from these parking areas to the houseboat, take a look on

Be aware that it could happen that there is no availability left at the parking place at time of arrival. To be sure that there will be availability please check . This site will tell you if there is still availability. This site refreshes every minute. VRIJ means available and VOL means no places left. 

Our advice is to choose for P+R Arena ( take Metro 54 direction Central Station, stop Weesperplein, 10 minutes) or P+R VU/VUmc (take metro 51 direction Central Station, stop Weesperplein, 13 minutes) and as you arrive early you can try P+R Zeeburg (take tramline 7 direction Slotermeer, stop Weesperplein, 12 minutes). From Weesperplein it’s a 10 minute walk to the houseboat.

SatNav has a hard time finding number 700. We are located next to the Torontobridge/Stadhouderskade  across of Amsteldijk 9

by foot - Getting to the houseboat

From metro-stop Weesperplein:

Get off at Weesperplein Metro Station and take the exit Mauritskade. When you approach the first junction, look out for the statue of a man. Follow the direction of his gaze. Cross the large bridge (called Torontobrug), the Amstel Hotel should now be to your right. Coming off the bridge onto the T-junction, take the stairs down to your left and walk straight on until you reach little AMSTEL.

From tram-stop Stadhouderskade:

Get off at Stadhouderskade. Take a left at the traffic lights. Walk along the Stadhouderskade. Cross the street (the Amstel Hotel should now be on your left across the river). Take the stairs down to your right and walk straight on until you reach little AMSTEL.