AMSTEL HouseBoats

rooms on board of a houseboat in the centre of Amsterdam


At our boats we respect the environment. We are literally one with nature so we have to.We try to find a perfect balance between comfort and environmental friendlyness.

drinking water

Using (drinking) water to shower is one of the biggest water consumers in the world. We tried to tackle this by using watersaving showerheads. Producing a mist of water droplets. It is a great spa-like experience. And saving 70% (!!) of water per showering session.

We will change your towels and bedlinen after a stay of two/three night. Resulting in less water usage for laundry purposes. Should you require more frequent cleaning and change of these; just ask and we'll provide extra cleaning at a surcharge.

waste seperation

PET bottles are a growing concern. We would like to ask you to separate them in a plastic bag. We kindly ask you to do the same for glass.
In the old days HouseBoats used to dispose waste water directly in the canals. Nowadays every HouseBoat is connected to the sewer system by means of pumps. Because of these you can only dispose toilet paper in the toilets. Female products, baby wipes are going to ruin your stay at the boat! Please dispose these items in a garbage can in the bathroom.

flowers & plants

We try to create an environment of plants and flowers around the boats. This way you'll have your own little oasis in the bustling city of Amsterdam. Walls are vertically planted to achieve this. The green roofs will help to reduce the harmfull fine particulates in the air created by traffic.

climate control

Our roofs are planted with sedum and help to control temperature in a environmental way. Our properties are - obviously - heated in the winter by smart central heating. Since the sedum cannot reduce the temperature enough on warm days we installed airconditioning and sunscreens. The airconditioning is setup to further reduce the maximum temperature on warm days only.


We do our utmost with smart meters and scheduled systems and LED lights to reduce unneccesary energy usuage. In the end you - as a user - should do the final step in trying not to leave appliences on whils not in use. This way we can make ur locations less poluting and more sustainable.